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Linux- Lesson Primary(simple steps to feel Linux easy)


Tip Number 1: This is the most important tip I want to give you fellows.

                                  PRACTICE WHAT YOU STUDY

Red Hat/Cent-OS Terminal Commands

Before studying these commands isn’t it necessary that you should know how to open the

Here is the way.

In the top bar, click Application -System Tools - Terminal

Or for smart guys :)

If you wish to open terminal without using mouse, then press Alt+f2, then type gnome-terminal

 just left click and click open in terminal

1. pwd - It stands for Present (Print) Working Directory. It shows where we are now standing while in

Syntax for the pwd: pwd

To know the present working directory just type ‘pwd’ without quotes.

2. touch - It is used to create a file in the L…
       I am Jaison.
                            Just an ordinary kid with average IQ and with extra ordinary laziness who often fail in the exams.But as always computer is my passion and i intent to share here what i know and what i have learned in my life about computers.I came to know very late about this blogging that's why i started blogging this much late. I didn't think that i am a genius and for even me things have gone magically if we try hard and with all your heart you will never fail....!

First of all i am gonna share my knowledge about a new OS that i have started learning very recently. The OS is good but i heard about it late and now i am trying to master it.In a few days i will post some bits and bytes about Cent OS here. Hope i can finish my works as fast as i can.. :)

                                                                         Waiting for support from all of my friends