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DNS - A simple explanation.

Hi All,

Let me try to throw some pebbles regarding the DNS, one of the simplest concepts on the internet, but if explained properly, it can go into a high level of complexity.

DNS is something which is used to identify the devices which are connected to the internet.Before jumping into the concept of DNS, I hope everyone who is reading this chapter is aware of IP Adress.

If not, IP Address or in short IP is a set of numbers and symbols used to identify machines connected on the internet.

So we already have IP so you might be thinking what is the need of DNS in the world??

Well, that is the problem with the humans, we are good with names but not so good with the numbers. To overcome this problem, we are using DNS.

Domain Name System in the point of view of a System Administrator is something unavoidable when it comes to hosting the websites on the server. The simple concept of how it works is explained in my propensity as shown below.

When a website is accessed on a web browser, the &…