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Process uptime - Linux

How to find the uptime of a Linux Process

1. Login to the server as root.

2. Run the below provided command

ps -eo pid,comm,lstart,etime,time,args | grep process-name


PID - Process ID .ie. the ID of the process that we are searching.

comm - Display the process name.

lstart - The time at which the process is started.

etime - The time elapsed once the process is started.

args - command with options and arguments.

process-name - The process for which we need to check uptime.

For eg :

:~$ ps -eo pid,comm,lstart,etime,time,args | grep cron
  937 cron            Fri Jan 30 09:42:17 2015       37:36 00:00:00 cron

The cron deamon is running in the server from 9:42 AM and is alive for 37 minutes till now. Check the etime field. (37:36)
This is how we can detect the uptime of a process in Linux.

Added on Jan 30 10.26 AM